PWM generator on Atmega8 with LED Bargraph

I’m presenting a simple PWM generator for atmega8.
The system is designed to act as a PWM signal generator for testing, for example to the control of a radiator fan.
Potentiometer smoothly regulated filling from 0% to 100%. On the led line the current setting is displayed in steps of 10%, the additional LED is connected to the output signal. The program was written in language Bascom.
Atmega works on 1MHz, with 8-bit hardware PWM at frequency 3.9KHz. Control line LED is through the case functions. The earlier version had a 1 × 16 display and additionally measurement pressure from fuel pressure sensor on the common rail.

PCB made on CNC milling machine, protected with rosin solution in isopropanol. The whole enclosed in housing Z67.


Oscillograms with the measurement of the bulb load


Below everything you need to make a device.

PWM generator

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