CNC milling machine

I present the CNC milling machine. The purpose of the construction was to create a machine on which to do something and learn before building something better.

CNC milling machine from chipboard / plywood / aluminum.

The project was made in application SketchUp.

The construction consists of chipboard and multiple from MDF and HDF. Together with Proxxon replacement on Kressa I converted the Z axis to aluminum. The interior is covered with sand to minimize vibration, several dozen kilograms.

The Chinese driver on the TB6560AHQ, is doing well with the Sanyo Denki 1.6Nm + from China 1.9Nm. That is controlled by LinuxCNC on the laptop.

The work area is 285x290x75mm, after modifications it has been increased about 20%. Trapezoidal screws 10×2 + polyamide nuts.
Maximum speed is 2400mm / min, but I did not exceed during milling 1800mm / min. The biggest restriction is the screw pitch.
Proxxon FBS240 / E Spindle, listed on Kress 1050FME-1.
Guides fi16 mm, set on the X and Y axes.
Screw and guide cover made of HIPS 0,25mm.

Unfortunately, due to lack of space, the structure has been dismantled, but I hope that in a while it will be possible to create another one structure.

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  1. nathan says:


    im nathan, im interested in your pcb mill and drill is that arduino powered?, how much is that kit if ever


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