Seats heating switch from Mondeo Mk3 to Mk4

I managed to buy a cheap Seat Switch heated and ventilation. This comes with the Mondeo Mk3, in which the backlight is in color green. Fortunately, it can be matched to the red color of the backlight in the Mondeo Mk4 by replacing only a few components.


Let’s start by opening the PCB from the switch housing.


After disassembly the upper part, it is enough to turn the bottom so that it falls off the plate.


Next, we go to exchange the resistors and LEDs on red.

Used components:

LEDs red 0805

Resistors 1206, 5,6 kΩ  and 8,2 kΩ


In the photo below we have marked resistors to replace.



How to connect 12V power supply.


And finished.


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